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With Floating Licenses you can cost-effectively share Timer Pro Licenses throughout your entire Company. Under a Floating License you can give Timer Pro to any number of users in your organization.

The user base check out and check in licenses as they use them. You purchase the right to use a specific number of Floating Licenses (called the Pool) and you can have up to that licensed quantity  in use concurrently at any time.


Floating License installations are particularly useful for clients with International locations. For example users in Asia can be working and using licenses when your users in the US are sleeping - and vice versa..

A License Manager is provided to be deployed by your IT group that is designed to be installed behind your corporate firewall on a central server which all sites can access. The License Manager controls access to your pool of licenses.

Usage rules can be applied by IP ranges to control license availability. For example you can configure the License Manager to allow no more than x licenses to be in use at any one facility - which uses a specific IP range - at any time.

User timeouts can be set by IP range. For example a 60 minute timeout would mean that if Timer Pro is inactive for 60 minutes the program will automatically return the license back into the pool.


The user will still be able to save their work but they will not be able to restart development work until they have closed the program and reopened to request a new license.

Key staff can be given priority access so even if all licenses allocated to a facility are in use they will still have access to a license as long as the there is a license available in the corporate pool. They can also access and use a license from anywhere - for example if they are traveling beyond the defined valid IP ranges and working remotely they can still access and use a license.

All user access is logged by the License Manager to facilitate usage monitoring, analysis and reporting.


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