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True Operator Point of View Video
Timer Pro and Pivothead Smart™ glasses  deliver the ultimate Standard Work and Operator Training experience. Imagine videos of every step of your process from the point of view of the actual operator performing the work.

Using Pivothead Smart™ professional grade eyewear you will incorporate the operator’s true point of view into Timer Pro’s Standard Work and Operator Training modules. This delivers not only lean operations, but also lower training costs, improved product quality, better and more efficient documentation, lower defects and reduced rework.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Standard work and operator training produced by Timer Pro + Pivothead (with videos of work content EXACTLY as it appears to the operator) will be priceless to your company.


Watch a 2 Minute Video



How It's Done

Pivothead Smart™ glasses combine ANSI Z-87 safety rated lens and top of the line video technology. They are worn by the operator to capture exactly what he or she sees as the work is performed. Simple finger swipes on the frame arm control video recording. An LED built into the frame itself indicates to the operator when recording is in process.


Snapshots of issues can be captured by a single tap on the frame arm. This creates a feedback loop of process and quality issues that impede the timely completion of the task. These issues are flagged by Timer Pro for review by process owners.

Fine details, from printed circuit boards to small text on labels and equipment tags, are captured with auto-focus precision. They can be analyzed in Timer Pro as a part of the documented workflows. Users can create high quality Timer Pro Storyboards with videos and crisp still images. Pivothead Smart™ glasses can also live stream the point of view video back to a central storage.

Order Now

View the Timer Pro Kit on the Pivothead website. 

Ordering 3 or more units? Enter coupon code: TIMERPROPACK10 to receive 10% off your order.



The Future: Pivothead Operator Point of View Video




The Past: Traditional Video Camera View




Secure Streaming on Local Network



Allows remote control stream to the PC


Take stream snapshots with time stamp tag


Auto record options for every live stream


Select native PC file path


Full screen 16:9 viewing and recording

Images from Pivothead Smart™ glasses can be used directly in all Timer Pro modules providing unique, end user, point of view content that can be delivered by no other video solution. 

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