Timer Pro Cloud

Timer Pro Cloud

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Timer Pro Cloud was developed following requests from major clients wishing to consolidate Timer Pro
data from multiple end users into a single database to facilitate:

  • Ease of sharing Timer Pro data between users and facilities worldwide
  • Interfacing Timer Pro data with corporate applications
  • Consolidated reporting and analytics spanning multiple Timer Pro data sources

Timer Pro Cloud is a joint development of Applied Computer Services and SNIC - our India based partners.

SNIC resources are available to assist you in all your data reporting and analytical needs.

Timer Pro Cloud uses the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and provides clients with a scalable, cost effective and secure solution. 

By using Azure replication features we provide each client with their own central Azure application  i.e. there will be no co-mingling of client data i.e. your data will be secure in the Timer Pro Cloud. All data being passed and residing in the cloud is automatically encrypted and automated backup procedures to a Backup Vault are in place.

Clients will have complete access to the Cloud database to work with their data as they wish.

An application extension is available in the current desktop Timer Pro to facilitate the rapid passing of data to and from the Timer Pro Cloud database. 

A schematic of the typical Timer Pro Cloud application is shown below.
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