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Lean Operations Solutions


Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy focusing on reduction of waste through over production, waiting time,  process time, transportation, inventory, motion and scrap in any business. By eliminating waste, quality is improved and production time and costs are reduced.

Timer Pro Professional  is a software solution the enables you to measure and classify all current activities - a foundation upon which all your lean initiatives can begin and grow. The package quickly identifies and eliminates non value added, wasted resources and reduces your costs by:


bullet Toyota's Yamazumi Work Balance Charts
bullet Work Instructions - Automatic Maintenance
w  Time and motion study
w  Lean, Kaizen, SMED, 5S Analysis 
bulletInstant operator training videos:
w  Easily add your own audio narrations   
w  Attach related documentation (Word, Excel etc.)
bulletPDA-based time study and sampling
bulletLine balancing with embedded video by task
bulletStandard data time libraries
bulletValue stream mapping
bulletWork combination, man-machine and Pareto charts
bulletQuickTimes estimating and methods analysis
bulletFree unlimited web-based training classes

Timer Pro Professional supports your Industrial Engineering, Process Measurement,  Lean Operation, Kaizen, and Six Sigma Initiatives.



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Includes Standard Time Data Libraries

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Timer Pro Professional offers a unique integration of PDA and Excel-based time measurement, graphic data manipulation, work balance capabilities and rapid estimating. 


Timer Pro Professional is ideal for those involved in process engineering, lean operations, Kaizen and Six Sigma initiatives to rapidly identify cost reduction opportunities and method improvements.


This flowchart presents an overview of Timer Pro Professional and its links to the Business Pro Enterprise application. 



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