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Download Free Demo   PFMEA - Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

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PFMEA - Anticipate and Prevent Potential Issues


The use of a PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) form is a tool that associates risk levels to each step of a process.  PFMEA is intended to prevent defects from occurring by anticipating potential issues and allowing you to implement control measures in advance.

The risk level is typically quantified by calculating a Risk Priority Number (RPN) for each process step. There are many different ranking scales in use. An example can be found on the DMAIC Tools website at:


The benefit of Timer Pro’s PFMEA is that since it is done in Excel you can customize any number of forms to meet your specific needs. The fact that the forms are in Excel means that you can work completely independently of any application. In addition the PFMEA forms management in Timer Pro uses the same revision control capabilities that are standard in Timer Pro Work instructions so you can automatically maintain revisions of your PFMEAs.   



bulletIdeal for all Manufacturers and Suppliers
bulletExcel PFMEA worksheets can be used independently of Timer Pro
bulletCreate any number of PFMEA Excel formats for your different areas
bulletCompletely user-definable severity, occurrence and detection parameters for RPN calculations.
bulletDefine your own severity ranges, color coding and actions for Baseline, Control Measures and Current States
bulletVideo (if used) linked to each activity for review directly from Excel.

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