Savings From Video Analysis

Savings from Video Analysis

Engineer Savings from Timer Pro Video Analysis


Time Pro makes it easier than ever for you to view videos of your processes and identify saving opportunities. Your payback can begin on your very first use. Detailed Excel reports summarizing your proposals are generated in seconds.

The Savings module was developed based on requests from Timer Pro clients looking for a way to allow their engineers to quickly highlight and quantify improvement opportunities they would see when working with their processes.

The resulting Timer Pro Savings module is ideal for these continuous improvement situations and can be applied to processes of any type and length.

The detailed Excel summary report presents a Before and After savings analysis summary. 

Every savings opportunity is documented with video playback a single click away.

Optimized Tools Make You More Productive

Let the new options in the Video Time Study and Balance modules plus redesigned screens and summary reports drive your process improvement initiatives. Using Timer Pro, you quickly engineer savings from videos of the actual operations being performed in your facilities.

Timer Pro allows you to quickly:

  • Highlight waste in your process
  • Quantify potential savings
  • Document and act on opportunities

Actual video of each opportunity is a click away

Timer Pro makes it easy for you to review the key steps in the process where you know potential opportunities may exist. A single window lets you review, document and quantify your savings.

Your notes, estimates and savings are saved by activity and displayed as you move over the activities in the process.

Timer Pro even includes a playback activity timer that makes it easy for you to enter an estimate of the time the activity might take if your changes are implemented. Before and after process steps are available so you can see the context of the activity. You can change the number of video clips before and after the activity as you wish.

The  Publish Video and Export Video buttons on the right side of the screen shown above allow you to instantly create change-specific customized videos of your improvement ideas for presentation purposes to support your suggestions. These video segments will include the number of clips before and after you select. These videos are perfect for discussing the current process and your proposals with operators, supervisors and management to encourage their feedback and input.

New Savings and Filter Ribbon Options


In the Balance Module, on the menu ribbon there is a new Savings and Filter section.  The options here let you review specific activities for improvement opportunities.

The Highlight Savings filter will display the steps in the process where you have made savings estimates.

Notice the other options in the Filter dropdown allow you to review in isolation VA, Required NVA and NVA  to show the full range of views of your process.

The Station option allows you to isolate specific stations for review.

Activities with savings estimates highlighted in the current process – shown below in turquoise.

Hovering your mouse over a savings opportunity will popup details of the recommendation. This includes the notes entered about the potential savings, the estimated time if the suggested change is implemented, and the potential savings that could result.

The actual video of the highlighted activity will play with a simple double click.

Instantly Preview the Impact of Your Recommended Savings

Selecting the Show Savings filter will present a “ghost chip” at the top of each station’s activity stack representing the savings that would be realized if the planned changes are made.

This unique Timer Pro balance view dramatically presents visually the full opportunity if the changes proposed are implemented.      

All activities where you have savings suggestions are instantly resized in the Balance chart to reflect your estimated time values and show the future state of the process. From here you can generate an Excel Yamazumi chart or capture the balance as displayed for inclusion in any supporting documents you may need to create.

Savings Module Works with Legacy Process with No Video Content

Even if your processes do not have videos of the operations, you can still use Timer Pro’s Savings module to document and highlight your proposals. You simply use the Edit Activity feature in the Balance module and enter your notes and estimates as shown below.

Using this approach, all displays and reports of the Savings module are available for your use on legacy processes. Only the video related features will be suppressed.

Google Unwanted Software Policy Compliance Statement

We hereby attest that the software application offered here is developed, owned and distributed by us for the purposes of process measurement to support  your continuous improvement initiatives; will not affect the performance of your system hardware or change any system  settings; is easily completely removable from your system; does not collect or transmit any private information in any form;  is not bundled with any other software; is free of malware.