Yamazumi Workload Charts

Yamazumi Charts


A Yamazumi chart is a stacked bar chart that shows the balance of cycle time workloads between a number of operators typically in an assembly line or work cell. The Yamazumi chart can be either for a single product or multi product assembly line. 

Yamazumi is a Japanese word that literally means to stack up.  

Toyota uses Yamazumi work balance charts to visually present the work content of a series of tasks and facilitate work balancing and the isolation and elimination of non value added work content. 

The balance charts are created in Timer Pro Professional. If you are using Video Timer Pro to measure the work content the videos are automatically embedded in each activity chip for instant replay to identify improvement opportunities and for operator training.

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A single click in Timer Pro will send the entire Yamazumi balance chart to Excel (shown below). The work elements are automatically sized in proportion to the work content. In addition the video snippets are embedded in the Excel sheet. Timer Pro includes a free player that will allow these videos to be replayed directly on the factory floor i.e the end users do not require Timer Pro to review the video content. From Excel the charts can be printed in any size – many companies print out the charts over 3 feet tall for worker – and management – review.

Yamazumi Charts, Output To Excel, Video Playback from Excel

Timer Pro Professional’s work balance module allows you to develop and manage Yamazumi charts for any process. The Yamazumi charts can be output in any size – ideal for workplace presentations. 

On the Excel Yamazumi chart each row represents one unit of time – either seconds, minutes or hours

Yamazumi Charts, Scalled in Excel, Automatic Scaling, Manual Scaling

For use on the production floor, you may provide  supervisors and operators access to copies of your Yamazumi charts. 

They may then identify additional improvement opportunities by with the user friendly drag and drop features

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