Line Balancing

Line Balancing

Instantly Balance your Assembly Lines and Work Cells


Timer Pro Professional’s Line Balancing module allows you to balance your work content by:

  • Number of Operators
  • Desired Production
  • Takt Time

Drag and drop work content as required. It’s that simple. It’s that easy

Maximize Your Value Added Work Content

Color code value added, non-value added and required non value added activities to highlight improvement opportunities. In seconds, each variation can be saved for review with supervisors and staff.

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Produce Toyota’s Yamazumi Charts, Gantt and Pareto Charts in Seconds

Line and work cell balancing is an effective tool to improve the throughput of assembly lines and work cells while reducing manpower requirements and costs.

Value Stream Mapping 

A single click will pass the current balance results into a Value Stream Map template. In this way you can easily map both current and future state conditions. The Value Stream Map is in Excel –  no special software is required.

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Line Balancing, Balance by Number of Operators, Balance by Production Per Hour, Balance by Takt Time

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