QuickTimes Estimating and Methods Improvements

QuickTimes, standard time development, predetermined time systems, PTMS
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QuickTimes will help when it is not practical or even possible to time study a particular operation. Perhaps the task is in a remote location or the operation is not even being performed yet. However you still need an estimate. 

QuickTimes allows you to develop accurate times by simply describing the task the operator is performing. The package is provided with full backup for every element.

In addition to estimating QuickTimes is the ideal tool for methods improvement where you can explore different approaches to performing a job to determine the most efficient method.

The free Timer Pro Professional download allows you to use the a full evaluation QuickTimes module for your estimating and method improvement needs.

Use QuickTimes to Rapidly Estimate Times for Any Process
QuickTimes Also Includes a Full Module for Computer Work.
Full Details of Any Activity can be Rapidly Developed