Man Machine Charts

Man Machine Charts

Man-Machine Automation Models Improve Productivity

Timer Pro can create dynamic man-machine charts and automation models to determine potential throughput and OEE. Automation charts and models for man-machine interactions can often be easily created in less than an hour.

The process involves creating a man-machine chart of the operation under study and then adding links to define the relationships between the manual activities and the machine cycles to create the automation model,  

Man-machine automation models allow you to rapidly explore multiple performance scenarios to optimize existing processes, cost and plan new equipment deployments and track the ROI on investments 


Given the different work steps required in a production process to load, operate and unload machines in conjunction with the process times of the machines themselves a man-machine automation model is used to determine the highest production level that can be achieved given the resources available. This process usually involves performing as much manual work as possible internal to the machine cycles i.e. when the machine is running so that when a the machine cycle is complete the production generating machine cycle can be restarted again with as little downtime as possible

With today’s aging workforce and tight labor markets, manufacturers everywhere are looking at opportunities to optimize man-machine tending operations and man-cobot operation integrations.

Man-machine models allow you to rapidly explore multiple performance scenarios to cost justify investment expenditures, track the ROI on investments as well as optimize existing processes. New clients are reporting that this feature alone can often justify Timer Pro with their first model.

Sample results from an Man-machine Model are shown below. The summary results show by asset: the activity being performed, the time for that activity, total cycle time, units per hours, OEE time, OEE%, value added time and value added OEE%.

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Timer Pro’s Video Time Study module is the perfect complement as you create automation models of your current processes.

The actions of your automation assets are consistent. Therefore a single cycle video of your process will give you all the times you need to create an accurate automation model. Video time studies unique features allow you to quickly record each asset’s activity times with millisecond accuracy to support your continuous improvement initiatives.

Ideal for Equipment Vendors and System Integrators

Equipment vendors and system integrators can use man-machine automation models to support their proposed solutions to potential clients.

Timer Pro includes a free web service that allows vendors and integrators users to securely share their automation report packages and their actual models for review online by potential customers. The customers are able to view the model in an on-line hosted limited feature copy of Timer Pro where they can examine the detail of your model but cannot make any changes. Absolutely no company or customer identifiable data is required, collected or stored.

Google Unwanted Software Policy Compliance Statement

We hereby attest that the software application offered here is developed, owned and distributed by us for the purposes of process measurement to support  your continuous improvement initiatives; will not affect the performance of your system hardware or change any system  settings; is easily completely removable from your system; does not collect or transmit any private information in any form;  is not bundled with any other software; is free of malware.