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The Random Moment Sampling (RMS) service allows State departments, school district outreach programs and other eligible public agencies to accurately document staff activities relating to reimbursable Federal programs.

As outlined in OMB Circular A-87 Section 11.h(6), random moment sampling is a recognized and accepted alternative to burdensome 100% time reporting.


Using the unique RMS service even small agencies can cost effectively collect the data required to confidently apply for reimbursement for salaries and wages spent servicing public assistance programs. Many of these groups would previously have been discouraged from claiming their share of Federal and State monies by the onerous data collection and reporting requirements.  


Random Moment Sampling Overview

Details of staff activity are requested at random times during the sample period which is typically a fiscal quarter. Having collected a specific number of responses organizations can determine with 95% or greater accuracy the percent of the total time the sampled group is spending on each activity.

Applying these percentages to the total salaries and wages paid to the sample group during the period allocates costs to the various services provided. Depending on the funding source, a portion of these costs may be claimed for reimbursement.


Click HERE for More Details.


The ACS Random Moment Data Collection Service:
    * is hosted on our hardware requiring no IT resources
    * reduces your administrative compliance costs
    * is very economical  fees are as low as $0.55 per sample
    * eliminates outside consultants fees

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