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Easily Reduce your Setup and Changeover Times

Watch SMED Video


The term SMED stands for “Single Minute Exchange of Dies”.In lean manufacturing initiatives generically it has become an acronym for Setup Reduction i.e. the effort to reduce the amount of downtime involved in changing over from one part or process to another.


Timer Pro Professional has an unrivaled feature set that integrates video time study and process analysis capabilities to quickly visualize the work content in a process and identify and quantify the effect of changes,


The first step in a Timer Pro SMED initiative is to analysis the video in Video Time Study module.

In seconds the video analysis is automatically summarized into a process chart. In the chart below the value added work content is shown in green.

Working together staff and operators suggest options to improve the process by reducing to a minimum the non value added work content either by method improvement or moving work so that it performed when the process is running.

As changes are suggested and process changes made the savings are instantly quantified – both in terms of reduction in work content and in cycle time reduction.
Many Timer Pro clients have their operators video their colleagues working and then they work together to come up with suggestions to improve the process.
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