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Sample Pro allows you to perform fixed and random interval sampling using a PDA. Sample Pro is a standard module of Timer Pro Professional.

If you have a mobile workforce, you can use the Sample Pro self sampling mode to identify activity time and costs by line of business, sales channel, major tasks etc.

If you oversee a service center or a specific manufacturing process, the Sample Pro group sampling mode can be used to identify existing bottlenecks, utilization levels, resource allocations and opportunities for profit improvement.

Sampling works on the principal that if you make a number of observations of a specific situation then, depending on the number of observations made, you can say with a certain degree of certainty what is occurring in the observed environment.

Sample Pro provides current data with the accuracy you need to confidently support your decisions and easily track and quantify the effect of changes.

Sample Pro is the ideal tool to assist in lean operation initiatives. The program runs on all popular Pocket PC and Palm-based PDA devices.


Sampling results can be graphically summarized using the integrated TimeLine 3D Gantt Chart presentation tool.







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