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A single click can pass Timer Pro data from multiple models into a running simulation model customized to your operation. Integrate your daily production schedule into the simulation and BEFORE you start production you can identify:



Bottlenecks caused by model mix and options


The production unit that will be the source of the bottleneck


The exact time of day that the bottleneck is expected to occur


Other units that will be impacted by that bottleneck


Watch a Video of Timer Pro Working with a Simulation Model.

With this information you can:


Reallocate workload and /or resources  between stations using Timer Pro


Investigate potential schedule sequence changes


Request additional resources


Instantly rerun the simulation to see the effect of any changes

By default Timer Pro will generate a straight assembly line simulation model for any number of stations for use within the SIMUL8™ simulation package.

The SIMUL8 simulation package would be purchased separately from Timer Pro directly from SIMUL8 Corporation™. Please visit  for more details.  Click here to contact SIMUL8 – be sure and mention you are interested in Timer Pro integration opportunities. 

Source code is provided to allow you to customize the simulation model output to your exact needs either using your in house or third party resources.  The process exposes Timer Pro data in standard XML format that can be used with any application that could benefit from the process data created and maintained in Timer Pro.

Watch a Video on Technical Details Overview


Watch a Video of the Program Development and Deployment.



Run SIMUL8 Directly
from Timer Pro


Results are Stored in SIMUL8 Model



Results Show When Constraints will Occur and the Products Affected