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Download Free Demo   Storyboards - Create Rich Video-based Training Material Using Only your Own Excel Skills

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Watch Storyboards Videos

Timer Pro’s Storyboards allow you to quickly and easily create rich video based training material for all your operations using only your own Excel skills directly from line balances in Timer Pro.  Absolutely no video creation and editing experience is needed
You can distribute your Storyboards in Excel or via the web, YouTube, Google Drive etc.  to workstations on the floor, Android devices, iPads and iPhones. 

Timer Pro comes with an Excel template that provides a framework which you can edit and change as you wish to meet your specific Storyboard design requirements.
Any number of sections can be created, positioned and formatted in the framework to simplify Storyboard development and insure a consistent end user interface.


The outline of the Storyboard is automatically formatted in seconds for you in Excel in the correct sequence by Timer Pro with a single click from the Line Balance screen.

Your process video clips from Timer Pro will automatically play in the Storyboard. You just add your own play times, supporting text, instructions and graphics using Excel to create and playback a rich user learning experience without having to buy and learn any expensive video editing software. Using a free video recorder, your Storyboard plays in Excel and is recorded for your distribution via the Internet.
Controls are provided to give the Excel end user complete control of the Storyboard playback to create a truly interactive learning experience.


Add and Delete Sections - to customize your Storyboard layout.


Step Forward/Backward - to quickly view and move through the Storyboard sequence.


Select PlayStep - to move directly to any point in the Storyboard.


Using a free video recorder, your Storyboard plays in Excel and is recorded for your distribution via the Internet.
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