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QuickTimes *


Download this free standard development tool. Fully documented standard data used by hundreds of companies.

Timer Pro Professional


Timer Pro Professional provides PDA and Video based time and motion study. Over 17,000 standard times are provided inExcel-based standard data libraries. Additional features include estimating, line and work cell balancing and the ability to use all your existing Excel data.

Business Pro Lite *


All features of Timer Pro Professional in a 10 user network ready database package. Allows you to create standard data and to file that data into an Expert structures representing your operation that both deskills and speeds the development of standards. You may embed graphics in any operation and implement ISO revision control. You can modify the supplied screens, worksheets and calculations within the available ranges to your exact needs. Three Timer Pro Professional licenses included.

Business Pro Professional *


All features of Business Pro Lite except you can create a completely customized application to meet your exact needs. You may customize all screens, worksheets and calculations to your exact needs as opposed to just modifying those provided. You can create supporting forms for any purpose e.g. component listings, tooling, revision histories etc. Load and use any predetermined time system. Access to low cost Multi site licensing for clients with more than one site they wish to license. 10 Timer Pro Professional licenses included.

* Discontinued 2006





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