Employee Time Studies

Web-based Employee Time Studies

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Employee Time Study Projects

Time is money. Use our web-based time study service to measure productivity and find out how your staff are really allocating their time to the products and services you provide. You get real data to support your Activity Based Costing and Process Improvement initiatives

Our service is extremely cost effective solution for sales forces, services providers, mobile professionals, support staff and more.

How it Works
  • Define your staff and activities in Excel
  • Publish your project to the Internet
  • Train your staff in under 5 minutes
  • Monitor data collection in real time
  • Access summary reports on demand
  • Instant access to all recorded data in Excel to summarize as you need

The service records daily activity data in any time block you specify from 1 to 60 minutes – the most common time block we see used is 15 minute blocks i.e.  9:00 to 9:15,  9:15 to 9:30 etc.

Organize you activities by product or service and allow your staff to easily drill down to find the tasks they are performing. Staff can complete their logs at any time via the web or mobile devices. Every staff entry is time-stamped so you can easily monitor participation.

Try it Now

Click Here to log into our demo project. Enter DEMO22 as your password.

Controlled Costs

Web-based employee times studies are an extremely cost effective solution to gather accurate process times that you can act upon.

Calculate the cost of a project as follow:

  • Project Setup – one time fee $250 per project
  • Application Daily Use Fee – $25 per day per project when data is recorded *
  • End User Fee – $5 per day per user when a user records an entry against any day*

You only pay for days and entries if they are made.

Activity Summary Report

(Plus Every Observation is Available in Excel for Further Analysis)

Cost Example 

5-Day Project with 15 Users
Project Setup


Daily Use Fee (5 days x $25)


End User Fee (5 days x 15 users x $5)$375
Total Project Cost$750